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Misty Shores Majestic Java

After growing up in a household with multiple dogs, but not having a dog for the past 15 years, the time was past-due for us to bring a dog into our home as part of our family.  Having two children (one being developmentally delayed), and managing a very active and busy household, I was very cautious on the type of breed to choose.  After a significant amount research, I concluded a Chessie was right for us. 

I selected Misty Shores Chesapeakes as the breeder for our new Chessie.  When we met “Java”, it was definitely love at first sight.  Java is nearly 2 years old now, and he is definitely all that a Chessie is supposed to be ~ very loyal, highly intelligent, a protective of our family members to an appropriate degree, and also very affectionate and loving.  Java continues to receive great health reports and is constantly receiving compliments on how handsome he is.  Java has truly become a part of our family and has even become an excellent traveler. 

From the time we brought Java home, we have kept in touch with Misty Shores (Tina).  It has been such a pleasure to see how much Tina is dedicated to her dogs, and that breeding Chessies to have only the best temperament and good health are of the upmost importance.  If you are looking to bring a Chessie into your home, I would certainly recommend Misty Shores.

                                                                                                ~ Wendy, July 2013

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