Misty Shores Chesapeakes


 Socialization of a Chesapeake is of utmost importance! A Chessie not properly socialized can become overly protective; this is not a good thing!  

Socializing has two main purposes; distinguishing good people from bad and not developing shyness. 

Once your puppy has had at least two sets of its puppy vaccine series I would suggest you start the socializing process immediately and very consistently. You can take them to pet stores that allow dogs (most do) but do not let your puppy’s feet touch the floor, carry them. People can pet them very easily while you are holding them. Have friends and children over (make sure to monitor the children, never leave a pup alone with young children) to play with your new friend. Once the pup has had their full series of vaccines including the final one which would be the rabies vaccine you can take your Chessie everywhere possible to expose them to new surroundings, people and other animals. 

Expose your pup to all types of people; adults, children, babies, loud, quiet and people with hats or glasses, in wheelchairs, walkers, canes and crutches. I mention people with hats and glasses because dogs like to see your face and eyes and when these are covered they can sometimes become leery and protective, so exposing them as young puppies they can distinguish the difference. 

No matter how much you socialize a Chessie they will never lose their protectiveness over you and your family; you are just teaching the difference between good and bad. Your puppy is a baby so it is up to you to protect and keep it from harm; so as you are introducing new things to your puppy use caution especially with other animals, if you wouldn’t let your young child go near a certain animal it is best you don’t let your puppy. 

Socializing does not stop once your puppy is grown into a big dog; continue to take your dog with you as much as possible. Chessie’s like to be with you and be part of your life!