Misty Shores Chesapeakes


~Puppies with their new families~


Puppy picture key~I have the pictures in the same order (other than the randon photos) in each set which is as follows:

First picture~Brown Boy Puppy 1

Second picture~Deadgrass Boy Puppy 2

Third picture~Dark Brown Girl Puppy 3

Fourth picture~Brown Boy Puppy 4

Fifth picture~Light Brown Girl Puppy 5

Sixth picture~Brown Boy Puppy 6

Seventh picture~Deadgrass Boy Puppy 7

September 27 ~ Three Days Old

 October 3 ~ One Week Old

 October 10 ~ Two Weeks Old

 The Boy's


The Girl's 

Random Pictures October 14-15 

October 17 ~ Three Weeks Old 

October 24 ~ Four Weeks Old 

 October 31 ~ Five Weeks Old

 November 13 ~ Seven Weeks Old

Puppy Videos

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