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Next breeding will be Misty Shores Maia 2016 

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CH Shiloh Hill Dusty Rose Albert JH CD CGC


Ro-lyns Lil Riva Dancin for TT   


Riva                               Albert



What you will find when you purchase a Misty Shores pup...
My goal is to produce an all around sound dog with great temperament! Breeding dogs will have hips and elbows OFA, eyes PRA and Cerfed, and DM tested. 

My puppies are born and raised in the house and I spend a great deal of time with them from the moment they are born. Each puppy is held, loved on, ooed and awed over on a daily basis by me and the three other people in my household, not to mention my close friends who stop over to give me a hand with photos and just to have fun with the pups. So socialization begins from the moment they are born and continues throughout their time in my care, this is very important for the development of a Chessie. My house is not quiet so they are exposed to noises on a daily basis, vacuums, loud TV's, music, pots and pans banging, the other dogs barking, doors slamming, door bells, etc. The pups are taken outside as soon as they are old enough, about 4-5 weeks, depending on the weather to get fresh air and sunshine, at this time I introduce them to a small duck and bumpers and weather permitting water. 
At this age I also start inviting other family, friends and their children over to socialize with the puppies; and of course my puppy buyers are more than welcome to come over and play with puppies. 

All Misty Shores puppies are examined by my licensed veterinarian; they will have their dewclaws removed at three days old and worming done at 2, 4 and 6 weeks with medication prescribed by my vet. At 6-7 weeks they will receive their first set of puppy vaccines per the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). As with any type of vaccine there is always the possibility of an adverse reaction so I like to do this at least one week before they go to their new homes so I can monitor them. Many vaccines can now be given every three (3) years according to AAHA so I recommend you share these guidelines with your vet so you can discuss a protocol that will work for you and your dog. Before they leave my care they will have a Well Puppy Check performed by my vet which includes a general check of eyes, ears, lungs, heart, a fecal check and their weight. I  will also AKC register and microchip all puppies before they leave. 

At 8 weeks they are ready for their new families! I strive to make sure the puppy you take home has a great start in life and my commitment is to the puppies so that is why I will assist you in choosing the puppy that is just right for you and your family. 
Each puppy will go home with a puppy packet that will include a contract, information on feeding schedule, crate training, house breaking, leash training, vaccination and worming records, clearances of the parents and other Chessie related information. I am always available for the lifetime of your dog if you have questions, brags or if the unforeseen happens and you can no longer keep them I will gladly take them back or assist you in re-homing them. Misty Shores dogs should never end up homeless or in a shelter!

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