Misty Shores Chesapeakes

Leash Training 

Leash training can be started at a young age. First allow the puppy to become accustomed to a light weight collar around his neck, lengthen the time he wears it gradually. Next attach a light weight leash to the collar and allow it to drag. 

Your puppy may gnaw at it at first, do not allow it to do this; distract the pup with a toy. After it has become accustomed to the leash dragging pick up the leash and follow your puppy around the room. Move gently guiding the puppy toward you using voice and treats. If the pup suddenly stops or balks, stop and give it a little slack in the leash. Let the puppy correct itself when it pulls against the leash. Never jerk the leash or scold your puppy for pulling. There is a fine line between the puppy correcting itself and you actively jerking the puppy about. 

Puppy soon learns that if it sticks with you the leash does not tighten. Use your voice to praise and encourage your puppy when it is moving nicely on lead. If you have started the early training exercises the puppy will already be in the habit of following your lead.