Misty Shores Chesapeakes

~My Story~

I am located in mid Michigan and have shared my life with Chessie's for over twenty years. I met my first Chesapeake 25 years ago at a group home I worked in for severely developmentally disabled adults, her name was Jessa and she owned my soon to be dear friend Robin of Ro-Lyn's Chessie's. I fell in love with the breed immediately!

Jessa was a very special girl, always gentle but pushy in that Chessie way with the residents for attention and petting. It was from her I received my first Chesapeake for my birthday in 1993. My beautiful deadgrass girl Shadowdancer; my "heart dog"! She taught me well on how to raise a Chesapeake; always forgiving me for my mistakes and loving me unconditionally. We had a very special bond and she was the best companion I could have ever asked for and I will forever miss her.

Now I share my life with four beautiful Chessie's; Cheyenne age 11, Riva age 9 and two of Riva's children; Maia and Titan age 3. Cheyenne and Riva are full sisters from a repeat breeding. I began field training with Cheyenne in 2009; once she turned onto the birds I don't know who was more excited, me or her!  She received her Working Dog (WD) title in August of 2012. Riva and I do conformation shows and in 2009 I tried conformation brace with them and we had a great time. Titan is doing field training, he has 2 of his 4 passes for his Junior Hunter title. We will complete the title this year and move on to Seniors. I am working on conformation with Maia, she received her first Reserve Winners ribbon on May 19, 2013 at the Genesee KC  show from Mr. Howard M. Yost. However first and foremost they are my daily companions!!

Over the years I have participated in the Pet Expo held in Novi, MI in 2005, 2006 and 2007 as part of educating the public on Chesapeake's. It was a very rewarding experience and Cheyenne and Riva enjoyed meeting and greeting everyone. The past five years we have also participated in the Judges Education Seminar held in Michigan. I have also volunteered and helped out at the Detroit Golden Retriever Hunt Test held at Omega Farms for several years doing various jobs from bird launcher to working at a gun station and planting blinds.
I am a small hobby breeder and Robin and I have co-bred several litters and co-own most of our dogs. Breeding for sound temperament, conformation and health, striving to produce a good all around Chesapeake. I have been mentored by Robin and am very blessed to have such a special friend to teach me everything she knows about the breed and breeding.  I continue to spend much time educating myself on breeding through research, reading, attending seminars and of course getting information and tips from long time breeders. I have attended Claudia Orlandi's "ABC's of Breeding" and "Practical Canine Anatomy and Movement" seminars and successfully passed the home study programs receiving certificates in both.
Member of the American Chesapeake Club  since 2009
I love everything about Chesapeake's but If I had to pick one favorite thing it would be their loyalty to their owner.There is nothing better than coming home to the warm welcome I get from my dogs! 


Shadowdancer Age 11 


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